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Team Scholarships

The Action for All Ski/Snowboard Team Scholarship will be awarded to applicant(s) (ages 7-17 years) in pursuit of joining a race or freeride team of their choosing, and contingent upon being selected for said team.  For the selected winner, Action for All will award $500 towards the team fee with emphasis on mastery of skiing/riding, participation in the extra-curricular activities, school organizations, and community service.

In addition to your application, two signed letters of recommendation must be attached to this application. These letters must be from non-relatives who can best attest why are deserving of the Action for All Team Scholarship. The deadline for the scholarship application is January 1 of each calendar year. Any applications received after this date will be considered on a funds-available basis.  Please note that only completed applications will be considered. Please do not leave any portion of the application blank. If a section does not pertain to you, please mark N/A so that the panel will know that it was not unintentionally skipped.

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