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TAKE ACTION Mentoring Program

Members will develop a supportive relationship with a mentor through weekly, hour-long sessions over the course of 30 weeks.  While working with their mentor, members will spend time building and design action sports equipment, exploring different facets of the action sports industry, repairing equipment, and reviewing business plans.

While developing a positive relationship with a mentor, participants will build team building, goal setting, and problem-solving skills that will be relevant to any career path.  Members will have the opportunity to participate in many different projects that are catered to their interests.  Participants will use various forms of technology to plan, manage, and complete these projects.  Some of these projects may include:


  • Designing logos using Photo Shop

  • Creating T-shirts using screen printing technology

  • Building skateboards from start to finish

  • Editing action sports footage using Final Cut Pro

  • Developing business plans for the action sports industry

  • Completing individual goals


At the completion of the 30 weeks, participants will receive action sports “swag” and graduate the program.  The goal of Action for All is to encourage children to participate in the action sports so they can develop a life-long passion for the action sports.  Participants who have graduated from our TAKE ACTION Mentoring Program will gain valuable skills that they can use throughout their lives.  We would love to see former members go on and become mentors themselves! 



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